Pool Filter Media Balls, Alternative for Sand Filters

SKU: HTP-00403

Sale price$ 29.99


New for 2024 These innovative pool filtration balls are designed as a premium replacement to sand in traditional tank style sand filters.  Easier to handle, clean and reuse, they provide 10 times more effective filtration than sand traditionally does.

  • Efficient at filtering down to 3-5 microns leaving your pool crystal clear all season
  • One bag of filter balls is equivalent to 50 lbs of sand filter media, but makes filling your filter quick and easy
  • Requires less maintenance and backwashing, since it replaces sand, less sand will enter your pool
  • These filter balls are durable, made of industrial quality polyester and acrylic fibers designed to effectively trap particulate matter more effectively than sand
  • MACHINE WASHABLE! they are designed to be cleaned & reused for up to 5 years
  • These filter media balls also result in less strain on your filter pump motor, increasing the lifespan and reducing wear and tear on your filter system

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