Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum

SKU: HTP-00321

Sale price$ 152.99


This top of the line vacuum provides the ability to effectively clean your above ground pool from top to bottom automatically. Its suction power picks up everything from dirt and bugs to pebbles and twigs. So you can spend time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it!

Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum Details

  • Super fast installation in minutes that doesn't require any specialized tools or accessories
  • Designed to work in your pool, regardless of shape, size or construction.  No batteries needed, uses your pool pump and filter suction to function.
  • Easy to service and lasts longer than most other pool cleaners.  There are no wheels to jam, gears to break.  Quick simple and hassle free!
  • Built in avoidance guard that allows the pool vacuum to navigate around obstacles such as pool ladders.

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